Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stryper - To Hell With the Devil at M3 festival on 5/12/2012

 Another one. Just like this band Stryper.

 In 1989, we bought tickets to watch them live in Dallas, Texas but did have luck as the show was postponed to later date. The best part was that we did not know until we reached the venue and were told by Dallas police that the show was postponed. So disappointed. Lucky us, we managed to get the refund. We did not go to the make up concert as  the date clashed with our semester exam dates. What a memory. Just love their music. Micheal Sweet , Oz Fox, Tim Gaines and Robert Sweet are awesome.

To Hell with the Devil, In God We Trust, Always There For You are among the best written songs by STRYPER.

Yellow and Black Attack.



berteromber said...

sama bro...another favourite of mine...

bid The Covering cd at Ebay a few times...tapi asik kalah bid...heheh..

RockSportS said...

Go and get 7 - The best of striper. Memang best. I got one.eupown