Monday, July 28, 2008


Recently i came across a Kerrang magazine in HMV record in London- Issue no 1219 July 19. Hmm, this remind me during my high school years which really interested in reading/ having one but you know those days in mid 80s you just did not have enough money to buy one. After all, it is quite difficult to get one. Where got Internet maaa....
Anyway what excites me is that this edition reprinted all the classics poster of Metallica, Ozzy, ACDC,Slayer and Phil Lynot. Actually this is not the main reason why I bought the magazine. Actually there was a free CD with the purchase. You know what was yhe CD - Man, it is MAIDEN HEAVEN - A Tribute to Iron Maiden issued by Kerrang. For 2.20 pound I got a combo of Kerrang Magazine and a tribute Cd. What a bargain, wasn't it? For those who dont really follow the current new wave of metal bands including me it is worth to check it out. There are 15 bands pays their tributes including the evergreen Metallica and Dream Theatre. Below are the lists of bands that contributed world exclusives performance:

1) Black Tide - Prowler
2)Metallica - Remember Tomorrow
3)Avenged Sevenfold - Flash of Blade
4)Glamour of the Kill - 2 minutes to midnight
5)Coheed and Cambria - The Trooper
6)Devildriver - Wasted Years
7)Sign - Run to the Hill
8)Dream Theatre - To Tame A Land
9)Madina Lake - Caught Somewhere in Time
10)Gallows - Wrathchild
11)Fightstar - Fear of the Dark
12)Machine Head - Hallowed be thy name
13)Trivium - Iron Maiden
14)Year Long Disaster - Running Free
15)Ghostlines - Brave New World

Worth to check it out man especially when you want to experiment all these new wave of metal bands such Trivium, Machine Head , Madina Lake etc. For Avenged Sevenfold, it is my favorite now. Their 2005 album City of Evil is awesome.

Go and get the magazine.

Cheers. Maiden Rules . Lucky me, I got a chance to watch Maiden live in 2007 Dubai Desert Rock Festival. It was AWESOME.

Friday, July 25, 2008


When I talked to my good friend yesterday, Badang-songwriter/keyboardist/vocalist of Orion he reminded me of one of my favorite bands called Stryper. I am not sure, anyone of you remember this band but let me tell you that are really great. The music, vocal harmony, double leads are awesome. I remember during my student years in Dallas Texas, USA. That night when we (me and Badang) were supposed to watch Stryper live, we were told that concert was postponed. We were totally devastated. Until today, we never got a chance to see them live. Finally I managed to get their DVD during my business trip to London, about a year ago. It is reunion gig at Puerto Rico 2004. was really awesome.

For those who really don't know Stryper, they are actually a so-called christian metal band/heavy metal/ glam metal formed in California 1983. Well some might wonder why do I like such a christian metal band. My answer to that, I don't really care about it because what matters to me is their music. Their music is really awesome and I don't really care about the lyrics. Guitars combination of Micheal Sweet and Ozz Fox is superb, Robert Sweet's drum is explosive and Tim Gaines' bass is effortless. You really need to listen to their vocal harmony. It is really great. Actually, I started listening to them when I bought a LP of To Hell With The Devil ( one of their great albums). Since then there is no turning back. Please go to this website to know more about them.

I heard they are coming out with the new album entitle Murder by Pride due to be released this year. Really looking forward to that.
Ok. Got to go. Please enjoy Stryper's music.


Today at 0049 hours london time, I thought writing some notes to my good friend in Dubai who has been so wonderful to me and my family during my 2 1/2 years in Dubai. We shared a lot of common interests i.e rocks and golf and spent most our free times together.
To my brother Yusof, Thank you for all the sweet memories during my time in Dubai. You have done a lot of wonderful things to me and my family during my stay there. Appreciate it bro. You are the man. There is one thing that I wish to highlight. Thank you for the birthday surprise that you organized at AL Hamra Golf Club Ras Al Kaimah during Malaysia Cup Tournament. Man...let me tell you this, that event has become one of the highlights of my life. I never had that kind of magic moment before when come to birthday celebration. Not only that, we also had a marvellous "birthday concert" by our good friends ROCKSPIDERS. It was awesome bro...

When come to golf....Hmmm what can I say. It is superb bro. You have tremendously improve and I am really proud of you. We really have a very good competitions be it at Par 3 or full course. I am sure one of these days you will beat me.
Well, actually there are a lot things that I wish to highlight but when come to think about it, it would be best if I just keep to myself. I dont think I got enough space to tell in this blog. You know what I mean bro..Thank you sharing and listening to all my rock staff. I hope you reall enjoyed it.

I am sure we will meet again someday and stay in touch. Dubai and London is just 6 1/2 hours apart. You are most welcome to stay at my house in London. My apology for any wrongdoings and wish you all the best.


p/s: Cool Metallica T-Shirt. Keep it well bro...collectors item

Friday, July 18, 2008


After 2 1/2 years in Dubai, finally i have to bid farewell to one of my favorite rock bands of all time and the best metal act in Dubai or United Arab Emirates rather namely ROCKSPIDERS. Being a die hard rock fan, I have never seen any better club band than ROCKSPIDERS. Man, their song selections, stage performances, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drum and vocals are really majestic and awesome. I think they are the only club band that dare enough to perform all heavy classics metal numbers from Black Sabbath, DIO, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Skid Row, Savatage, White Lion, Quite Riot, Twisted Sister, Heart, Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy, Metallica Led Zeppelin, ACDC, The Doors, Disturbed and many more. Of course in view of commercial demand, they are also perform the normal club staff like Bon Jovi, Cranberries, Guns and Roses, Gary Moore, Queen, Pink Floyd, Snow Patrol, etc. But what I wish to reiterate is that they are like performing a concert everynight and play wholeheartedly. I did not recall any club band that have any dedication like them or rather willing to perform like them. Even in Malaysia, there is no club rock band that are willing to perform like ROCKSPIDERS and what more to render any song from any heavy classics metal numbers from the above mentioned groups. Having mentioned that, it is really sad for me to bid farewell to them and one thing for sure I will greatly miss them.
I am taking this opportunity to pay my tribute to each and everyone of them especially to the one and the only ROYKELLY - one of my guitar heroes and the best Xman in Dubai, Keanu (Drum), Bobby( Bass/Vocal), Gon (Keyboard/Vocal), Nina (Vocal), Lisa(Vocal) and Melrose(Vocal)

Roy Kelly - You are one of my guitar heroes. They way you shred the guitar either Ibanez or Gibson are awesome. Nice Sound, smooth, and the most important stylo bro. Roy Kelly rocks man. Keep it up Bro. Thank you for the Savatage's tune - Edge of Thorn, Dio's Dont Talk To Strangers, Bon Jovi's Bed of Roses. These three are killers bro. Of ya...your solo especially on Skid Row's I will Remember U is awesome ...It is straight to the heart man. WOOOOOH

Bobby - What a cool guy you are. Your bass line on every song is nice and really felt. I still remember the first time I saw you perform you are not this agile and lively. But look at you now, you are wild and entertaining to watch man. Maybe because you feel the power from me and yusof. You know bro Yusof really like you man. Bobby rules. Thanks for the Snow Patrol. It is really cool.

Keanu - Another cool and fun guy. Lu memang ngam...What a powerful drummer you are. Thats reminds me of the late Randy Castillo of OZZY. Your drum sound is one of the reasons why ROCKSPIDERS sounds so good. NGAM.

Gon - I think you are a truly rock keyboardist. The moment you step in to be the member of ROCKSPIDERS, I know it already that you are good and would elevate the band to the next level. Oh man..look at you when performing Metallica's Seek N Destroy and , White Lion's You all I Need and the haunting Metallica's Wherever I may roam. It is awesome man. ROAMER, WANDERER, NOMAD, VAGABOND CALL ME WHAT YOU WILL......Thanks Gon.

Lisa - What a voice. Thank you for your heavy and growling voice. You really made my day with the tunes from Iron Maiden's The Trooper, Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell, Pantera's Walk, Dio's Holy Diver and may more. You sing with a lot sincerity. I can feel it. Lisa rocks man. ( My apology to you because i dont have a copy of your picture at this time, but i will make sure to put you in once i got it)

Nina - What shall I say. really rocks. I WILL REMEMBER YOU. You have the combination of sweet and high pitch voice.Thank you for many lovely tunes such as My Immortal, Bring Me To Life, We're Not Gonna take it, Paradise City, Welcome to The Jungle, Stranded , Down with the Sickness and of course I will Remember U and many more. Your version of ANAK is really nice.

Melrose - WOW...your voice is really something and very special. I dont really know how to describe your voice but it is really special. Your rendition of Heart's Alone is fantastics, bombastics and AWESOME. It is straight to my heart. Can feel it. I think you are the only in any club scene that render Quite Riot's CUM ON FEEl THE NOIZE. Thanks to you.

Last but not least, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to ROCKSPIDERs for your music and friendships during my stay in Dubai. I can tell you right now, my life in Dubai will be boring without your guys. You guys really save me. Thank you very much and really appreciate it . Hopefully, I have a chance to meet you guys again in the future. Wish you all the best and keep rocking.

Definitely I will miss ROCKSPIDERS, Roy, Bobby, Gon, Keanu, Lisa, Nina and Melrose. MISS U MAN. Rockspiders will always be in a special place in my heart.

Especially to my brother, RoyKelly, Thank you for the Ibanez. I will hang it on the wall just like what you see in Hard Rock Cafe.
Keep well and Take Care.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today after having lunch with ROCKSPIDERS , the best metal band in Dubai, I thought of talking about my favorite guitar shredders of all time. As you know that they are a lot of good guitars players in the music scenes and it can be rock , pop, new age , etc guitar players. But I more interested in rock guitar players like Steve Vai, Pettuci, Yngwie Malmsteens, Ritchie Blackmore, Doug Aldrige, Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee, George Lynch, Ritchie Sambora, Akira Tagasaki, etc.
But for me there are two guitarists that I really admired and I felt a bit underrated. One is Vito Bratta of White Lion and two is Vivian Campble of Def Leppard (previously DIO, Whitesnake, etc.

I got a chance to watch both them live , Vito Bratta/White Lion in Dallas and Vivian/Def Leppard in KL...Man it was awesome. Too bad Vito is inactive now due to family reasons but I really hope that he will make a comeback . Please go and visit all the abovementioned sites for details. For those who do know them, Please get the old CDs of White Lion (PRIDE) and DIO (Holy Diver, Sacred Heart) then you know what I am talking about. If you got a chance , go and get DVD of DIO early years concert(EHMM , i got one) that you see how exciting Vivian was.
Ok...See you later. cheers.
VITO and Vivian Rules.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday, while doing some packings to move to London, got a chance to watch Blackmore's Night DVD concert Live in Paris 2006. Some of us may not have any clue who the hell is this band . But to the die hard Purple fan or Ritchie Blackmore rather they might want to check out this. Since he left Purple in 1993 , Ritchie formed Blackmore's Night together with Candice Night. What kind of music are they playing? Well it is Rennaisance Folk music/rock and it is really cool. To all real music fans, YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THIS MAN. It is awesome. You should listen their own version of Soldier of Fortune which was co written by David Coverdale and Ritchie Blackmore during Purple years. With Ritchie awesome guitar works (anyone to dispute that?) and Candice soothing voice, the song is really wooooooooooohhhhhh awesome and fantastics. Go and get the CD. For more details, please
Actually it is quite hard to find their cds in Malaysia or even here in Dubai. I will try to buy some in London. If you find one, dont wait bro...just grab it. Its really worth.
Ok..please enjoy Blackmore's Night.
See Ya.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Image:Twisted Sister.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Image:Twisted Sister.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Now it is already reached mid 2008 and in the next 1 1/2 half years we will reach a milestone of one decade of 2000. Time move so fast now without realizing. Bila boring boring macam ni teringat pulak untuk look back at world music and sports scene including Malaysia.

Lets start with music:

Now the trend is that banyak band band lagenda buat comeback termasuklah Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister ( my favorite band), Cinderella, Poison, etc. What does this mean? Its either band sekarang bosan atau semua sebab duit...Lu fikir lah sendiri.

Gambar ni masa TS tengah perform kat Manchester in 2006. I had seen the video on TS comeback show...memang best giler. You all tahu lah betapa hebatnya Dee Snider tu, the most underrated front man in metal history.

On Malaysian Scene...hmmm biasalah dari dulu sampai sekarang, fans bukan really appreciate talent tapi more on glamor, muka lawa, jambu , comel...hshh bosan giler. Macam AF, punya lah ramai peminat tapi beli time nak suruh beli album semua tak beli...macam mana tu? Pasal beli album bebudak AF...I think the main reason why people tak beli sebab quality album hancur...tangkap muat je. Pada hal few of thems really talented such as BOB, Vince, Farhan, Yazer, Zahid. They all kena really sit down and think seriously about their own album. Actually I had told Bob straight away about this. Suara best tapi album hancus...Dia kata he will look into that tapi tak de apa pun.

Cerita pasal talent...sebenarnya kat Malaysia banyak bakat2 yang dasyat hilang macam tu je, contoh Amir Yusof, Azman Warren, Maman Teacher's Pet, Ann (ex Heavy Machine/Headwind), NRG, Thunderstorm...Bila masuk mainstream tak de sale...Sebab Apa? Tak cun? Apa daa. Tu lah harap -harap kat Malaysia ni fans boleh matured sikit...Go for talents not glamor macam US.

Pasal bolasepak Malaysia...hmmm sedih giler? Tapi nanti kita cerita la ok.

Jumpa lagi..nak kena tengok market pulak.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


A new blogsite dedicated to hardcore rock/metal and sports fan is currently being constructed. Please get ready to rock and roll.

Play it Loud Mutha!